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A Comprehensive Coaching Program for Customized Education at Home

Our homeschooling program aims to provide affordable and high-quality education by creating a supportive community of Muslim learners, where students can thrive academically, spiritually, and socially.

Our homeschooling program aims to produce graduates who are critical thinkers, visionary leaders, and success stories in their own right, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and values to make a positive impact on the world.

Who Is This For ?

Muslim parents who are dissatisfied with the existing education options available to them and are seeking an affordable and high-quality homeschooling program that teaches subjects from a Muslim worldview, instills a strong foundation for future learning, and provides coaching for the right mindset and learning habits .

Muslim parents who value a personalized and flexible learning experience that focuses on developing a strong foundation for future learning, critical thinking skills, and a strong sense of Islamic identity and character .

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Our Approach To Your Child's Learning

Cultivating Independence through Responsibility

Effective teaching plays a crucial role in empowering children to take ownership of their education through the three transformative steps.

The first step allows you to step back and become a facilitator, empowering children to develop self-management skills and take charge of their education.

Promoting Self-Directed Learning

This approach allows children to become active seekers of knowledge and take ownership of their learning process.

This will result in a deeper understanding and engagement with the subject matter.

Nurturing Decision-Making Skills

Effective teaching involves nurturing critical thinking and decision-making skills in children. By allowing them to make choices and decisions related to their education, you are fostering their analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

When you’re getting ready to teach math, it’s important to remember that effective teaching involves nurturing critical thinking and decision-making skills in children. BONUS Q&A session with a load of helpful tips for teaching math.

What Do Parents Say...


Hadijah-Homeschooling Parent

Homeschooling 6 year old son and 4 year old daughter. Been a fan of Azra Sehovic’s meticulous homeschooling, have first hand worked with her kids and I can vouch MashAllah how brilliant and well mannered they were. JazakAllah Khair for this, this was a much needed effort given current times.


Aminah - Homeschooling Parent

My daughter has always been struggling with math, and she avoided any work that has to do with math. However, in this short course, she did homework on her own, and she memorized more in 7 days than she did for 7 months in school.

About Your Coach

Azra Sehovic-Ahmetspahic is an experienced homeschooling educator who is passionate about integrating Islamic values into the curriculum.

With over 15 years of homeschooling her own children and over 200 others, Azra brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her teaching.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and specializes in teaching secondary math. Parents who have worked with Azra praise her meticulous approach to homeschooling and commend the brilliance and excellent manners of her own children.

In light of the current times, her efforts are greatly appreciated and valued by the homeschooling community.

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